Monday, November 06, 2006


blow on the coals
will you?

before the fire's out...

'cause that's what you
have to do
to keep someone in love around.

and it starts up again
as though it never left.

this is the way
that you keep me in debt:

taking advantage of all i'm not

blowing kisses to who i've been

poking fun at how i fall

only loving the idea of me.


Devon said...

About nine years ago I spent four dollars on you in our high school gym. I'm sure that you haven't thought of that since, but it crosses my mind occasionally and I think it's up there my most embarrassing moments in high school.

Anyway. Now that I've identified myself as that crazy girl, I should get to the point. I was bored at work, I found your blog (via myspace), I promise that isn't as creepy as it sounds, I like your poetry, and I'm going to stop typing and publish before I erase all this in a fit of self-censorship.


Anonymous said...

seriously. write something.