Tuesday, January 23, 2007


...i have these vivid memories from anthropology class where we were shown a movie of some crazy baby monkey testing. they had these three little monkeys separated in cages devoid of any interaction with any other living thing. one monkey had a steel armature covered in fur in it's cage that it would always rub against and cuddle to at night. they had one monkey with just a plain steel armature shaped somewhat like an older monkey. this little guy had scratch marks from where he tried to cuddle and just couldn’t get it right for some reason. and the last little guy, the saddest little monkey didn't have any shit at all. they all went crazy, but to varying degrees and over varying amounts of time. it doesn't take a scientist to figure it out without seeing the video. but i've always kind of wondered which one i could relate the most to. it certainly has a profound effect on one's understanding the need for affection. does anybody have a welder and/or a bag of hair that i can borrow?

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