Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dear Sons,

Saw Grandpa today and he's up but somewhat disoriented. He knew both Kevin & I, was sitting up and they had him walking as well. He's pretty weak and can't figure out how he got there. Presently he has no memory of the day he fell. He had tests that all came out negative and his blood alcohol level is down. He has to get stronger, hook up with his own doctor and be sure his environment is safe. Right now we're exploring 24 hour home care - but we're in early exploration right now.
Gramma is drifting in and out of memory loss - with confusion as well. She knows she can't take care of him right now but is aware of the criteria that needs to happen before he can get out of the hospital. Fantasy and reality are far apart for her right now!
I'm holding up since Kevin is here...he returns to VT Thursday and I'm trying to consider all the options for these two elders.
I'll keep you all posted and send me kind thoughts and ideas.
Love your MOM

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