Thursday, March 31, 2011


if you look up often enough, perhaps
you'll get the hint.  we were always made
to be baffled by stars.

this monochromatic jackson pollack
splattered across the sky inspires either something real
or confusion by the chaos.  yet, either orion's doing
cartwheels or our lives are passing by.  because one day

he's fully upright, bow and arrow ready to take down the moon, the next
he's fully prostrate, an old, brittle man, unable to move.

it's simply a small glimpse of who we are,
where we came from.  it's innate and overwhelming, and
being trapped in the terrestrial never helped the cause.
never truly inspired anyone to accomplish anything.

"in the beginning there was nothing." but most parts
of us don't buy that, not for a single second. never
a solitary moment do we agree while our heads nod in forced approval.

have you ever treated an idea as a seed, a tiny delicate thing
struggling to root almost anywhere for life?  watched it grow?
more than several steps are taken back at this point.  this promise
we made to ourselves but have since forgotten.

and without a doubt,
we are a species with amnesia.  still it's not our fault.

eden was only paradise because we didn't know any better.

take eve and adam to six flags one day
and they'll say, "fuck the fruit.  can we ride that again?".

the real trick is that it was
never their decision to make.  never ours either
for that matter.

it's the conscience mind
never believing in beauty.  refusing to
acknowledge that paradise could ever exists.

until getting over this false notion, this unbelievable inaccurate thing,
that we've never once earned it, that deserving it requires more than

being alive.

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