Saturday, April 02, 2011

intimacy must be different for the terminally ill.  the way an infant is promised the fruit it's being fed
is something it'll love forever.

truth be told, those taste buds haven't caught up yet.

yet she still swallows it down and smiles
doing anything to be, "a big girl." because "she's at that age"

when she's almost old enough to be told she's dying.

and what a way to get ahead

when you finally find out your timeislimited.

what else to do?

but fast forward through life, skipping the boring parts
unless they were vital part to the process.

that's not to say one might be cutting life in half by any means,

but by being
a stone you still need to be defined by physics.  water

over time can't help but created results.

pleasant to the touch.  and even the gift of ripples

when thrown horizontally across the water.  and the tiny things
they might stand for.  and how those things
could so easily stand for your eternity.

grow, change, learn, love,

trial, error, hormones,

romance, slut, pretend,

drugs, dream, depressed,




content, happy




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Fuzzy said...

I love the idea of the "gift of ripples." Thank you.