Wednesday, August 16, 2006


for some things in life
to try is to fail.
the idea of romance, for instance,
can never be planned.

some moments
don't present themselves
but rather lend themselves
for taking.

you don't need music or shoes
to dance through grass...
especially when it's raining.

it's maddening i think, buying tickets
to a show you're starring in.
front row seats for a life
yet to begin.

the only thing
hidden behind a smile, is a smile
ready to laugh. and that laugh

becomes contagious
like the changing of a season.

how the scent of a leaf
from green to orange
can inspire an entire mountain.

the sight of sunlight in a lover's eyes
can start a chain reaction. the
subtle glow becomes a place

we just can't wait to get lost in.

because wherever my mind is right now
it's thinking of jennifer curtis.

a girl whose mere absence
is not unlike a disease to me.
whose voice is a cure
and extremily addictive...and which leads

to much harder things:

breasts and thighs
and lips and knees

from which i hope to never return.


Anonymous said...

this is one of the sexiest poems I have ever read of yours

Anonymous said...

i hate this poem

because at the time it was written

i was in love with you

and i knew it wasn't about me.