Saturday, May 26, 2007


-for ninette

a real hug lasts
past the point
of feeling awkward...settling

in a place where
the scent of fabric
brushes softly off to skin,

leaving only introductions behind.
a sort of protocol for the kind
of comfort
that can make a body sigh,
to cause the breeze to moan,
or the night sky deliriously flicker.

arms should never wrap
out of obligation, but rather without
the intention
of ever letting go again.

hands press firmly against the back
inviting the rest of the world to stop...
and maybe even turn its head

then try to follow suit.

things slow down in time
the way everything tends to do,
blurring lines between all else out
for the rhythm of a heartbeat

multiplied by two.

backstage for warmth
exhalation waits patiently

until, at long last

its cue...

to take center stage
before being asked

to finally start breathing again.


Anonymous said...

i love melting into your hugs. for an instant, i feel like someone cares - i am not alone, and a peacefulness envelops me. i guess that's why i can't leave without one....

Consuela said...

Thanks for writing this.