Thursday, July 19, 2007


i could understand you know,
if you told me.

how you can
try and love
a family man,

without the time to make one of your own.

the world is always going on without us,
traveling, buying cars, having children, as
proof that they exist.

you can always tell when
someone cares for you, if
they neglect to mention
caring for someone else.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

at the glass on my
desk, see why
there's only a small
amount of water, glass is tall
could try to make a meta-
phor but better
to drink it up, down
it goes now
on the paper below
which I know
is neglected, only so
much time, you know?
so give me a break
i'm going to take
a day, or two
forget about you
(whoever "you" are) the one who
what i'm about, whatever
that is, I'm clever
or not at all
to fall
so fast
won't last
and besides, a problem, small
is that I didn't fall, at all
experiencing, but I must
experience myself, first
quench some thirst
for releasing (something) inside
I tried
am trying, still
I will
be fine.
and stop thinking about "you"
all the time.
(whoever "you" are,
you're far
where it seems "you'll" stay,
from me).