Sunday, October 29, 2006


it's the time of year
where sunlight can effect
your posture.

as if standing up straight
got you closer
to those dying drops of day.

it's fun being hungry enough
to chase something warm with a spoon.

i remember the time
i stalked a sycamore,

slowly creeping up
until i could sneak
my hands over its eyes

waiting patiently
to yell playfully

"guess who?"

and i'm honestly not sure if i'm cut out for life,

far too much heartache
when i can't make room
to fall in love with everything.

i remember the time
i tapped atlas on the shoulder,
and gave him a break
from holding up the world.

"it's not so much the weight" he said,
taking a piss and smoking a cigarette

"but the balance is hard for beginners."

i smiled at him shrugging
and fell very fast awake.

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Anonymous said...

I like this one too