Friday, October 27, 2006


i want to discover
the mysteries of your body

the crescent moon scar
of appendicitis, the
birthmark tucked softly
under the weight
of your left breast.

i want to visit
the places that words can't go...

and trace them so gently
with my fingertips,
you start to question

weather you're even being
touched at all.

i want to wash up
on the shores
of a sunday morning pillow
with grace.

so much so,
that i fall instantly back asleep,

knowing that you're beside me.

i remember the year
that changed the history
of my heart,

a kiss that
got me thinking
about the make up
of my lips.

they're all just
thumbtacks mapping

the places
my love has been.

i've known such beautiful women...

but can't seem to find "you" yet.

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