Wednesday, April 19, 2006


...i had a dream last night about NOT cutting my hair. who the fuck has dreams about shaving their head? you know, besides me? i cut my hair two or three times a year and i've been iching to shave it all off for awhile now. it's been a spring/summer thing for me for quite some time. but last night, no joke, i dreamt that a beautiful female voice asked me to keep it long and shaggy. not in so many words or course,'cause what would be sexy about a intoxicating female voice saying "keep it shaggy darling"?...but strangly enough, that was the just. i was looking in the mirror with clippers in hand, and it echoed through my head. "i love your hair" she said. please don't cut it." so until i dream other wise...or get a sign from god...long it stays. jew fro and all

p.s.-i don't even think a yamaka would stay on at this point.

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casey said...

Don't you mean yalmulke?