Monday, April 10, 2006

SHOPLIFTING i was working at the bar one day and having a fine old time. it was a pretty average day for the most part: the garage door was open, the sun was shinning in, beer and liquor flowed at a steady pace. i think i was blasting hall and oats and the time..."rich girl" if my memory serves me right. when out of the corner of my eye i catch a gentleman in a yellow windbreaker (windbreakers should never be yellow if you ask me...only rain i right or am i right?.) He was holding a canvis pack and walked nervously into the bar which felt unusual for the laid-back mood the day. coming straight at me he stops and claims that he had just stolen a bunch of groceries from city market and was wondering if i would hide his bag for him. my brain struggled to wrap around the situation. "no" i blurted out finally "i can't do that for you." "they're right behind me," he whispered "what should i do?" looking up i noticed a uniformed officer in the window staring directly at us. "i'm going to hide downstairs," the man said, realizing that i wasn't about to help him. the cop opened the door and came walsing in , following the man down the stairs. a few minutes later they came up; man in cuffs...bagless and frightened. i sort of felt bad for him for a second...then just poured some more drinks.

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