Tuesday, April 04, 2006

C O M F O R T...
Phrases on life, love, and the universe

“the talking leads to touching and the touching leads to sex…and then there is no mystery left.” –rilo kiley

Aren’t phrases and quotes supposed to be taken as good advice? Aren’t they supposed to be universal truths? Rocks that won’t erode through billions of years of water wind. Aren’t they supposed to be emotional anchors that hold up through the ages? Then why do they always have to contradict each other?
For instance, I know that it’s much better to “have loved and lost…than to have never loved at all”. But isn’t “ignorance (also) bliss”? I mean think about it. I have…and it just makes my brain hurts constantly. Also, if you love something, then aren’t you supposed to “set it free” and if “it comes back to you then it was meant to be”? But isn’t “the grass (always) greener on the other side”? What the fuck? If a woman is willing to give you her love than isn’t that “the greatest gift in the world”? But when she ends up taking it away…you tend to be “better off dead.” If “all is fare in love and war,” then why is “compromise the key to any loving relationship”? If “the universe tends to unfold as it should,” then why is the most confusing thing in world…the times when it doesn’t? How the fuck is anyone supposed to figure all this shit out? I think I have…so I felt obligated to right down the secret.
It’s comfort. Plain and simple…comfort is the only thing that makes this crazy old world feel tolerable for a change. Think about it…and I mean really think. There are some people who just feel like home to you. Like the whole world shuts off when they’re around and all that ends up being left, is this perfect bubble made of warmth and happiness. They say that “home is where the heart is”. But that obviously needs revision. What if your “heart is where your home is”? Comfort is love and love is so very comfortable. Think about your five senses and how that comfort would translate to a person. How it would be inside that bubble. It’s the place right between the breathing in and breathing out. Where everything is calm…and where nothing bad can ever happen. It’s that frame of time that lets you remember that such things as time don’t exist. I’m rambling…so here’s what I mean about such comfort.

Sight: it’s standing in the maternity ward and staring at the newborns through the glass. Watching them sleep in all their miniature glory. It’s the way your heart feels seeing the exact moment when they realize that they do, in fact…have hands. So completely serene and wonderful that you almost forget to breath.

Sound: it’s the sound of a match being dipped into a glass of water. It’s the same sound as opening a bottle of soda to let the effervescence gush through the narrow, usually constricted neck. It’s relief. It’s the sound of finally being at ease. As if it were for the very first time…utterly pure and amazing.

Taste: it’s your favorite dish cooked on your birthday by you mom or dad on a beautiful day. It’s when figi water hits the back of your throat after a run or bike ride…figi water that did not come directly out of the fridge but it’s not room tempurature either. It’s just warm enough to not be cold and just cold enough that isn’t warm. It’s the taste that makes you close your eyes uncontrollably…a reflex mechanism for joy and happiness.

Smell: it’s your bed sheets at the house where you grew up. hitting the pillow face down and taking it all in. you smile with that scent while every single pore in your body relaxes on cue. It’s like all that you are inside suddenly gets better, feels a little safer, and lets go of worries just a tad bit quicker. And all from a smell…one tiny comfortable smell.

Touch: it’s wrapping your arms around that person while running your finger across the contours of their skin. It’s doing it so softly that they aren’t even sure if they’re being touched. So soft that it would come across as ticklish if it weren’t so extremely delicate. A touch that denotes the object as something so fragile and expensive that you might lose your nerve at any second to even be touching it at all.

These are the way my five senses feel when my heart is at it’s home. ( Metaphorically speaking that is). So why is mystery so important to us? Why does the grass have to be so fucking green over there? It’s going to get dull…we all know that it’s going to get dull. Sometimes you go out of your way to make the trip only to get over there and find out that it’s not even fucking green…just crab grass that played a trick on the eye. So why do it? Why not be comfortable instead? Because by the time the mystery fades on the other side…you might have blown your chance to go back to the comfortable grass. And of course as a kicker, a way for the universe for really piss you off…you realize that your grass is inhabited by someone else…someone who must have found it extremely green, wonderfully soft, and amazingly comfortable. Home my friends. Your heart is where your home is.

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