Wednesday, April 12, 2006


"Having been fucked is no excuse for being fucked up"
-kimya dawson

it's wednesday again...i'll be wearing bunny ears at the bar and (perhaps) some rabbit makeup. 'cause something happened with jesus sometime coming up soon. 'Ichtar' i believe the pagons called it (thanks to the church for once again stealing a perfectly good holiday). the whole bunny and eggs thing was a fertility ritual in celebration of spring. bunnies have lots of sex and babies...hence the phrase "fuck like rabbits" and eggs well, that's pretty much a menstration in a shell isn't it? (doesn't that just make you want to eat lots and lots of eggs?) so i hope to have a great dance party usa tonight...and by dance party i mean orgy...and by orgy i mean that i'll be pouring drinks wishing that i had a girlfriend who loves me. in addition...i love when people say "you deserve better." you've been selling yourself short for years and just happen to end up with the absolute wrong person. maybe i'll shave my head and go monk least then i'd have an excuse for not getting any. wow! that's bad...but instead of erasing that last part...i'd rather just say...i'm feeling rather shallow today...which obviously is the way i tend to be most of the time. i think it had something to do with the "live in" i saw on the uvm campus today. apparently it has something to to with livable wages...that's fucking great people...did you buy that tent with your parents credit card?...get a job you fucking i said...feeling shallow.

p.s.-i think i just invented the phrase "hippie-crit"...patton pending...patton saw it here first folks. april 12...2006.

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