Tuesday, June 13, 2006


they say that animals
take on the personalities
of their owners. so when
i first set foot through
your front door
and your cat started flirting with me,

i should have know that something was up.

but you were so far out of my league
back then. so far from my reach
that the blue/green of the horizon seemed
like an easier catch.
and you proved this by doing
almost anything, how
you made the simplest of things
so very beautiful.

and perhaps you name might be all of this:

pouring a glass full of water, biting
into the red of an apple,
or laughing in such a way
that your whole body lite up.

though who can really resist
the things we can never have?
you can blame on eve, flirting with desire
or on adam whoes pride
made her leave.

but i blame it on the fact
that part of paradise
still resides today
in the form of beautiful women
like Jennifer McLemore.

who to this day
can make the most
dominate of males
swallow down pride
to make room for desire.

still--just once
i want to see
a greyhound pause in mid-stride
pull a 180, and start
to question whether
the rabbits path in linear
or if it will eventually
come back, uninterested
in a professional relationship.

just once,
i'd love to see a donkey
spark a thought, quit hauling
the load and start to wonder
about the string attached
to that goddamn carrot.

but they don't
they're busy
swallowing down what they
have to. comprimising
in the name
of desire.

an how can a woman
take such things from us, and then
act shocked at our reaction? be
the fuel behind
everything that a man might do,
then scoff at the march
of evoloution?

and would anything worth while
have been built, or written, or painted
or said, if that beauty was never
used like a tool?

because a woman can
loosen every screw
in a man, until
he is dosile and kind
and beaten.

the proof is men everywhere
starting to question physics.

they wonder
how beautiful women
can possibly walk in slow motion,
or how when they toss
their hair, it lies
suspended there
a second longer than gravity
normally permits.

we can talk all we want about masculinity,
but a part of the brain still shuts down
as soon us we see something we want,

we'd do anything to get it.

blame it on karma,
several thousand years
in the making.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing the things that we miss underneath our long pointed noses.