Friday, June 16, 2006


it's no coincidence
that the number of
heartbreaks each year
is directly proportionate

to the number of Revlon commercials
on television. and it's no accident
that part of us
wants to stop the car
next to a field

and go running out into the landscape
arms flailing in discontent.

for all my meditation
i still feel as insignificant as ever...and
maybe that's the point.

because that's how self improvement goes

you end up answering a question
you don't remember asking
but have always wanted the answer to.

i've been twenty something forever
and have given my love to far too many woman
who couldn't possibly give it back.

and looking back i find myself
just as fucked up as they are
but in different ways...

running through the orchard of my childhood
trying to fetch the tarnished apple of my mothers love.

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