Tuesday, June 13, 2006


i'm sad after losing a sneeze,
so i can't imagine a child
as i watch the "pro-lifers"
picketing outside planned parenthood.

since signs mean attention,
and attention means power,
and power means importance
and sense importance
is about the most important
thing that anyone can think of--they
all bare signs.

the woman wearing fur
(or should i say
gal gowned in carcasses)
screeches "god is pro-life"
with a false sense of confidence
that only alcohol or religion
can bring.

but in the spring
i will have forgotten ignorance
on the lips of a girl. while
simultaniously remembering
how not to get her kncked up.

because in such cases
forgetfulness can mean marriage,
and marriage that way
means becoming my parents; a fate

we all try to avoid
but strange few of us
succeed in.

it's been a while now
watching women
wail their beliefs
with signs.

passersby honk from their car windows
acoompanied by either
a friendly wave or the middle finger

and i'm left here
as indifferent as ever.

thought decisions were never
my cup of tea.

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