Tuesday, June 06, 2006


and if there are any
flower metaphors left
then i'd like to use one
for happiness.

in the same way
that commenting on a cliché
always lessened it's effect,

i'd love to be right in saying
that happiness is like a flower.

because the more
you fuss and hold to it...the
less you can close your eyes
then step back and smile,

opening them to the beauty
such a simple thing can hold.

i've held it so few times
i'm frightened, like it was a place
i was rowing to with my heart's exhausted oar.

and that tide across an ocean:

the world's enormous lungs
expand and contract,
take something from you

then only dare to give it back
if you promise not to ask...like
a cosmic game of keep away

you play to keep afloat
until sickness taunts too far,
pull a 180 and swim away

only to find happiness again.

as if the whole time
all you had to do was give up
and head for shore.

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