Monday, June 12, 2006


halfway between october
and nightime, and back home
the leaves have begun to fall.

i miss the sight
of foliage in vermont
because sometimes we don't
long for things
until they're gone.

it's far too warm to be mid-october
here between nightfall, where
the mountains cut the sky
in such a way, that it seems
courteous and polite.

in the distance
i see a couple lock eyes
and caress...they too
i think, are courteous
and polite.

i wonder if they known
how orange can seduce green
in such a way, to seem
like he's not intruding.

though don't bother
asking those questions
here 'round nighttime
where back home
leaves fall from grace
so very gracefully.

instead i focus my eyes
to the two
whose caresses turn to kisses
and i remember my own jealous lips now,
how they haven't touched another's
in over a year. here,

in between october and nightfall,
where sand seduces stone
and it seems a little cold
for this time of the month.

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