Wednesday, March 08, 2006


...i wake up every day and ask myself a question. something hard, illusive, something only the universe would know the answer to. then i listen really hard. and the answer always comes...certainly in strange ways at times...but it comes none the less. people who say "life sucks" tend to really piss me off. that's like saying "i don't like tom watts." it's just such a badge of uncooledness. you could say "i suck at life" as a great friend of mine always states. but never "life sucks"...'cause you'll never get answers that way. sometimes i miss the world...or the one we should be living in anyway...i miss the teachers who i still haven't met...the friends i'll never know...and the loves that pass me by. chin-up, head down, heart open...these are the things that will get me through.

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