Tuesday, March 14, 2006


sometimes i go for walks when i'm feeling sad or lonely...but when i don't feel like leaving i go for walks in my mind. that way, if i don't like a particular block i can just jump it, flying over the houses and trees, and land on a more scenic path. sometimes i'll sit on old man patterson's porch and smoke a pipe with him and talk about the old days when we were young and times were different. "back then," he'd say "you could buy a hooker for the same price as a candy bar." "i like candy" i'd tell him. "how 'bout hookers?" he'd say. i'd laugh but wouldn't answer...we'd just rock in our rocking chairs. sometimes his wife would bring us lemonade...but not as much since she died. once in a while i'll go hang out on a cloud and take a nap and wrap myself in blue. clouds really are as comfy as they look. soft and white. and warm too. no matter what tempurature it is outside, clouds always stay a perfect 73.2 degrees. most people don't know that. everytime i'm up there though i can't help but look down at the tops of trees. they always look so funny that way. and you can see millions of shapes and pictures in them. "that one looks like a bunny rabbit! that one is a dragon! oh yeah, and over there...there's goya's 'saturn devouring a son'!" what a good time i have. i need to comb my hair.

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