Saturday, March 11, 2006

EAR HEROIN either there's some kind of "ear heroin" in q-tips or i have some kind of O.C.D. because i can't help myself each and everytime i go to the fucking bathroom. wheather i sit or stand, brush my teeth, or take a always ends with the cleaning of my ears. it kind of scares me actually. because i've tried to stop...and it's not a "hygenic thing" (i also have a "quotation problem" as well apparently) and i'm not a clean freak. i don't see germs everywhere or wash my hands with a strange look of zeal in my eyes. and i could care less if my ears are actually clean. they just call to me from the cuboard. (quick recap: i don't see germs everywhere...but yes, q-tips sometimes talk to me.) they yell (in a tiny, yet charming kind of voice...more like a baby midget and less like a fairy or elf)"matt...hey maaaaatttt?...we're here for you. use us baby...use us good. we're your little can use us and then just through us away. the perfect relationship...common' know you want to...just pick us up, insert, and know how good it feels matt. you know how much you like it."

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