Saturday, March 11, 2006


...i wish there was a spiritual stock market...not an exchange or anything but at least that electronic board with numbers and initials constantly flying right to left. it would be a great way to keep track of how you, your friends, and loved ones are doing with the universe. "oh, look at sarah" you could say, "after that near-death experience, she's up almost 2 points finally settling at 3 1/4." or "man! mjm's dropping fast after that girl lost interest in him" we could even call it the "tao jones" (clever huh?...just proof that i've actually thought about it). how amazing would that be? it would save on conversation too. when somebody asks me how i'm doing i'd much rather say "down 3/8th's", then saying, "ehh...alright i guess." because "why? what's wrong?" is such a human reaction that more often then not we just lie and say, "fine...i'm doing fine." 'cause who wants to go into it? feeling sad is so fucking normal that we should only comment on people when they feel "happy, or up." i love going into stories about the great days i've had in my life time, but hate explaining why i always feel like shit. let's change the "what's wrong?" to "wow! you look happy." it might just save the world...and the "tao jones" could be the very first step.

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