Sunday, March 05, 2006


...i have this new cyber fear creeping slowly into my mind. no, not cyber aids (seriously though who knows where this keyboard has been?...thank god for latex gloves and compressed air). but the fear of going on a date with someone after several flirt-sastional emails have been sent. call me crazy...but i think the most awful thing in the world would be to hear, "you're much cooler in text."...seriously though, think about it. i try to imagine how it would ring in my ears. you know, like in movies where the phrase slows down and repeats slowly in an eerie rthymic echo. "you're much cooler in text...cooler in text...cooler in text...much cooler in text." ugggg...shutter to think. it'd be more surreal then getting mugged by a gang of live-action carebears..."funshine? tenderheart? goodluck?,...what are you guys doing here?...what the? god no. champ-bear!...put down the bat slugger...put down the..ahhhhh."

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